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Who we are - At a glance

"When specialists come together...


...then they not only want to work together, but

Think, act and set new standards with THEIR achievements!"



That's why we've teamed up to offer golf course operators, playing and teaching pros, and golfers of all levels - solutions that set standards.


We are:

Klaus, is an internationally known consultant for the construction, maintenance and renovation of golf courses and co-author of the PGA of Germany's training manual. Klaus has been successfully working in the golf industry for more than 40 years and countless golf courses rely on his advice and expertise.


Matthias, is a management consultant and passionate golfer with over 30 years of experience in golf, sports and organizational management and the development and restructuring of business units. Matthias is an ambassador and creative visionary when it comes to empowering organizations for the future.


Ian, is a Canadian design consultant with over 25 years experience in Golf and Ski Resort Master Planning, Architectural and Interior Design as well as Land Development Consulting. Ian is passionate about providing the best possible representation of our client's vision through thoughtful bespoke design and more accurate 3d visulizations.


Robert, founder of the company More Accurate, with over 25 years of experience in consulting and building high-end media studios worldwide.


As owner of More Accurate, Robert has built an extensive network of premium manufacturers, installers and craftsmen over the last 15 years, delivering first-class, full service from a single source!


Having been infected by the golf bug for a few years and with the desire to stay in swing - even in the winter season - the previous range of high-end audio/video and room acoustics has been expanded to include the “IndoorGolf” component.


With a lot of love for quality and passion for golf, the mission with his partners is to take the indoor golf segment in Germany to a new level.



Let's get to it - Let's do it - Let's create!